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                                                  SINYAVIN  IGOR

                                                                                                                                               Russian (win 1251)


  The Russian writer and artist. Lives at Moscow (with 1988) and New York     (since 1977   till the present).

Exhibitions: Leningrad, Moscow,  Toronto, Bochum (Germany), Washington, New York

Direction: constructive.                

The ideas of artworks can be used for registration of an interior of banks, official bodies, offices and private(individual) houses.

The books:   "  The way  of Truth "   1998,    "Glas" 1990                                                      

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The orders and offers to send on e-mail or home addresses: Russia, 127635, Moscow, p.o. 66, tel (095)   906-5310     New York   Tel. (718) 997-7401

                                      Composition   37-2, 1998.    brush, oil                                                private collection,   New York


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